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    Reasons to Recertify

    • Required every three years
    • Getting your certification was not “easy”
    • Demonstrates your commitment to the HR profession and continued mastery of the HR field
    • PHR/SPHR/GPHR certifications are becoming a preference when making hiring decisions in many organizations

    Planning Your Recertification

    • Assess the areas you want to grow professionally
    • Refer to your score report to identify areas that you could increase your knowledge
    • Review the bodies of knowledge for your certification
    • When identifying opportunities refer to the test specifications to answer, “Will this add to my HR knowledge?” 

    Recertification Topic Options

    Sixty (60) recertification credit hours are required every three years. Credit may be earned in the following categories:

    • Continuing Education (no max)
    • Instruction (20 hours max)
    • On-the-Job Experience (20 hours max)
    • Research/Publishing (20 hours max)
    • Leadership (10 hours max)
    • Professional Membership (10 hour max)
    OR you may take the exam again!

    Record your recertification activities immediately after completion in your on-line recertification file so you don’t forget them! 

    Examples of Continuing Education

    • SHRM or other HR conferences
    • Other seminars and webcasts
    • Pre-approved events
    • On-line learning
    • Law firm seminars
    • College and university HR courses

    Need help locating continuing education programs in your area?

    Go to the directory of pre-approved programs at  

    Recertification Credit in Instruction

    • Presentation of an HR-related subject
    • Instructor of an HR course or presenter at a conference session
    • Credit is awarded for the first time the presentation is made
    • 1.5 hours is awarded for every hour of presentation
    • Credit is not awarded for routine presentations to organization (for example, health care plan update, new hire orientation)

    Recertification Credit in On-the-Job

    • Earn credit for a first time work experience
    • Document starting and ending dates of projects and your responsibilities
    • Work product in excess of maximum hours or listing multiple projects will receive maximum allowed credit hours

    Examples of On-the-Job Projects

    • Research and design a new benefit plan
    • Research, design and implement a diversity program
    • Research, design and implement a new performance management system
    • Implement a workforce reorganization plan
    • Research and implement a new HRIS system
    • Directly contribute to the development of your organization’s Strategic Plan

    Recertification Credit in Research/Publishing

    • Conduct primary research on an HR-related topic and writing and publishing in a scholarly journal
    • Must be conducted outside of the workplace
    • Articles published in a journal or periodical solely written by the certified professional would earn maximum hours
    • Co-authored or edited works would also earn hours

    Recertification Credit in Leadership

    • This category recognizes giving back to the profession
    • Leadership role must be external to the workplace
    • Must have application to an HR body of knowledge
    • Using ones HR expertise to further a volunteer organization’s mission 

    Recertification Credit in Professional Membership

    • Can earn credit hours for being a member of a national HR-related professional association such as SHRM
    • Membership in a local HR organization does not count toward recertification credit
    • Three hours per year are awarded for national SHRM membership
    • Two hours per year are awarded for other national associations

    Low Cost Opportunities

    Earning your recertification does not have to cost a lot of money. Here are examples of recertification opportunities that have little or no cost! 

    • Be a member of a national HR association; Earn up to 10 hours
    • Hold an HR leadership position; Earn up to 10 hours
    • Mentor an HR professional/student
    • Volunteer for a SHRM leadership role
    • Volunteer for a leadership role with SHRM or the HR Certification Institute
    • First time work experience; Earn up to 20 hours
    • Develop an HR budget
    • Create an employee handbook
    • Instruct HR related workshops at work or outside of job; Earn up to 20 hours
    • Teach a sexual harassment workshop at work
    • Lead a performance management seminar
    • Be an adjunct professor at local college
    • On-line Continuing Education; Limited to 20 hours
    • HR Webinar/E-learning from SHRM, or other
    • GCHRA Workshops and Meetings.    Calendar of Events

     Calculating Continuing Education Credit

    • 1 CEU = 10 hours of recertification credit
    • 1 CLE = 1 hour of recertification credit
    • 1 semester course at an accredited college or university = 15 hours per credit hour
    • 1 quarter course at an accredited college or university = 12 hours per credit hour
    • 1 audited college course = 10 hours
    • 1 full day seminar (typically) = 6 hours

    Recertification Through GCHRA Programs
    Most GCHRA programs provde HRCI re-certification credits. Credits can be obtained through: 

    • Annual Diversity Conference
    • Monthly Luncheon Meetings
    • HR Academy – participant and presenters
    • Legal Roundtables
    • Study Group – participant and presenters