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HR Net Bulletin Board

    HR Net

    The HR Net utilizes the high-tech world of email and the Internet to provide a forum where HR professionals can send HR-related questions to a message board and have over 5,900 HR Professionals from across the US review them and respond with their keen advice and insight.

    The message board has HR categories including Compensation & Benefits, Compliance Issues, Employee Relations, Misc. HR Stuff, Recruiting Issues, Safety & Health Issues, Training Issues, and Upcoming HR Events.

    The HR Net is VERY flexible and allows you to participate as often (or as little) as you choose. You can choose to answer as many questions or post as many questions as you'd like. It's a great way to keep on top of HR issues that affect companies, organizations and industries of all types and sizes.

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    "The HR Net is a GREAT resource that has helped me on a variety of issues!! Not only am I the facilitator, I use the HR Net to gather data and insight from HR professionals."

    Steve Browne